method + smilebooth are my fave

January 23, 2012

Oh hello. Wondering where I’ve been? Just moving, planning Alt Summit and throwing a party all at 6+ months pregnant because that’s how I roll.

For the last month Susan, Danyelle and I (all our hotness apparent in the first pic) have been scheming with Method (yes, the stellar cleaning product line) to throw a mini party at Alt. I’m not going to lie, we ran into a few restrictions that made me not my best self but when it came down to it this is what I learned the key to a successful party is: Smilebooth and sparkle. The end. Also, inviting Alison and Rebecca doesn’t hurt. Those girls know how to light up a photo booth. Thank you all who attended and made us feel like champs. And thanks for not telling me to put the Kanye glasses down. They clearly look awesome on me.

You can look at all of the Smilebooth photos here and take a peek at the balloon filled ceiling here. And my hair looks awesome courtesy of Rubi.



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