a patterned welcome is my fave

March 16, 2012

Home update! This is the colorful welcome you’ll get when you walk through the front door of home a la Blodgett. I was going to go with a black and white geometric but in kind of a spur of the moment decision, I told color to bring it with this Orla Kiely pattern. It’s funny when I make a decision for our house I seem to always ask myself, “Is this way too blogger of me?” and what it came down to is yes, this is so blogger of me but I love it. I’ll be a stereotype for something I love.

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Best of the week!

I’m also teaching two Alt online classes this weekend, a content class tonight (this one is a lot of fun) and a bringing home the bacon class tomorrow. Won’t you join me? Register here.

Have a good one.

one month to go is my fave

March 15, 2012

Melanie Blodgett Maternity WEB-40
Melanie Blodgett Maternity Web-168
Melanie Blodgett Maternity WEB-59
Melanie Blodgett Maternity Web-157
Melanie Blodgett Maternity WEB-48
Exactly one month from today is my due date. Somedays  this fact sends me into a small panic attack and I tell baby he can take his time but then I fold a onesie or peek at the nursery and I feel anxious for his arrival.

Last week Jennifer of Sugar Photography (who has the sweetest southern accent ever) stopped by and took some maternity photos for me. I wasn’t planning on having them done but Jennifer approached me early on in my pregnancy when everything was still romanticized and I said yes. I’m glad I did because not only was Jennifer fun to spend time with, she left me with a flattering documentation of my first pregnancy – something my quick, weekly snapshots don’t so much do. Full disclosure: I’m rounder in person.

Jennifer is based in Fort Collins, Colorado and is available for hire for family and wedding shoots. Take a peek at her portfolio. Her portraits of children are gorgeous.

PS This is by far the most photos I’ll ever post of myself on this blog, pinky swear.

spotted and hearted

March 14, 2012

Screen shot 2012-03-13 at 10.41.57 PM
The spring issue of Sweet Paul did not disappoint spotted on Sweet Paul

Picnik collage
Admiring Modfrugal’s sunny space spotted on Design Mom

Sunprint place cards (it’s about time I harvested the Denver sun) spotted on Ruffled

Picnik collage
I love a good chunky necklace spotted on Refinery 29

Can’t wait to whip up some peanut butter cookie dough balls spotted on A Merry Mishap

shoemint + a giveaway are my fave

March 13, 2012

Friends, spring is here and I think that deserves a treat yo self day. Sound good? I’m going to give all of you a little push today with a swell offer from new YAMF sponsor, ShoeMintShoeMint is an online shop featuring a collection of shoes designed by the always fashionable Rachel Bilson and Nicole Chavez. New styles arrive every month and each quality pair costs just $79.95 with free shipping both ways (love that!).

So let’s treat ourselves with 15% off your first purchase with code FAVE – good through March 31st. And if you’re feeling like the luck of the Irish is with you this week, Shoemint has also offered one pair of shoes to a reader. To enter, visit ShoeMint and then come back and leave a comment on what your favorite pair of kicks is by this Friday. I’m going with the Lambert, you know I’m a sucker for anything in cognac.

PS If you feel like shopping, I posted a $150 shopping spree giveaway here too!

stocking a paper shop is my fave

March 12, 2012

Screen shot 2012-03-11 at 11.23.20 PM
Screen shot 2012-03-12 at 9.15.58 AM
If I owned a paper shop the front would be white and classic and the shelves would be stocked with essential desk drawer filling items that your husband might grumble about and to that you simply say, “Don’t worry, it’s for blog research.”

store front: Stitch Design Co
items: button closure envelopes, thumbtacks, daily notes journal, stamp set, rose gift wrap sheet, happy cards, pencils

PS It’s taken me a while to fix things after I got hacked but YAMF now has an improved look! If you’re viewing this on a reader, come take a peek.

random friday posts are my fave

March 9, 2012

I did a whole post about colorful doors this week because frankly I love them. But the whole time I was putting it together all I could think of was the 30 Rock episode where Liz goes on a date with Wayne Brady and he says, “l have hobbies. l participate in Vietnam War re-enactments. And l take pictures of interesting doors.” So yeah, that’s what I have to offer you this Friday. Walk away inspired friends.

I also wrote happy posts about (these are all going to be accompanied with an exclamation mark):
Springy skirts!
Baby announcements!
How to look hot in bright jeans!
Fantastic gallery walls!
Best of the week!

And here is were I’ll take my bow until next week.

image: Laurie Arsie

st patrick’s day in a box is my fave

March 8, 2012

Picnik collage
I was considering just putting corned beef and cabbage into the box but then suspected that would be a tad smelly. A collection of green is much better. Crack open this box, watch a little Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance and you’ve got yourself a party.

spotted and hearted

March 7, 2012

I think the new Blodgett casa needs this abstract print spotted on Design for Mankind

Screen shot 2012-03-06 at 11.00.00 PM
I’m thinking I should start wearing pretty scarves to distract from the belly spotted on Wit and Delight

Screen shot 2012-03-06 at 11.08.31 PM
Colorful art installations (made from tape!) spotted on Hey Look

This takes the prize for cutest birth announcement ever spotted on Tokketok

PS See 9 more of my favorites right here

colorful pattern is my fave

March 6, 2012

Picnik collage2
YAMF has seen a lot of color recently most likely because I’m trying to shed myself of this unfortunate season we call winter. Color just seems like the natural path to get me to sunnier days especially when it comes in a bold patterned variety like these prints from Melanie Mikecz available in her shop, Two Ems. A good ole shot of happy for your Tuesday.

a garland inspired by the boy scouts is my fave

March 5, 2012

Sharon’s confetti shooter tutorial was such a hit, I invited her back for some more DIY goodness and boy did she deliver. You know I can’t resist a garland.

A few weeks ago I was out on a play date and the mom pulled out some projects to do. One of them was putting kits together for her Boy Scout troop to make pace marker key chains (that help them always know where they are when frolicking in the forest. Alright, I guess Boy Scouts wouldn’t frolic but I’m not super outdoorsy so the only things I know about the forest is they should be frolicked in. With fairies). I immediately tried to see if I could translate the pace marker into party decor. The answer is yes! What I love about this garland is that it is customizable and there are tons of options.

You will need:
- Wood Craft Beads (1″ or under will probably work best. The larger they are, the heavier they will be and harder to work with when hanging.)
- String, thin rope, yarn (You can use just about anything. Just remember you will be threading each bead twice so your string can’t be too thick for the hole)
- Scissors
- 2 Needles (I used larger needles but any size will work, even the plastic kid’s needles are fine)
- Optional: Paint for the beads

If you’re painting your beads, tape off half of the bead with tape and use acrylic paint to add some color. It also looks pretty great left plain with this hot pink string.

When dry, let the stringing begin. Grab two pieces of string and knot one end together. This is where you will be hanging one side of the garland from so if you want to leave a loop, extra length, etc., it is up to you. Decide how long you want your finished garland to be and then leave a little extra string to account for the in-and-out through the beads the length of the garland.

Place the knotted end at the top of your workspace. It is easiest to work with if you put something heavy on it to keep it from moving around. A can of beans will work just fine or you can use something more ladylike like peaches. Put one needle on each string end and place your bead on your work space in between the two strings.

Screen shot 2012-03-04 at 11.23.14 PM
It doesn’t matter what side you start with but I am a righty so that is what was natural to me. Take the needle from the string on the right side of the bead and thread it through to the left side. Pull the length of the string all the way through. You want to make sure that you are keeping the bead with the holes to the sides as it will try to move around while you are threading it. Next take the needle from the left (or other side from what you just did), and thread it through the bead to the right side, pulling the string all the way through.

You will repeat the above steps for each of the beads that you want to add. Don’t worry about spacing them as you are threading. The cool thing about this and the reason the Boy Scouts use them (for keeping track of their location), is that the beads can slide up and down the string.

Next, tie a loose knot at the end of the strings at the opposite end from where you started. There will be some adjusting to get them to hang the right way against the way and it is easiest if you can re-knot.

When all of the beads are added, hang your garland. I just used push pins to put it up on the wall but you can use whatever method you prefer. You may need to tighten the top or bottom string to get the beads to lay nicely against the wall.

To further customize, I added my son’s name using stick on letters. As I like to use all my party supplies over, the best part about these beads is that they can be turned around so the letters face the wall. Then it just becomes a decoration or I could put another name on this side.

Since the beads are movable, you can scootch them around the garland until you are pleased with the look. I’m pretty sure you could even put them in to some sort of Morse Code type message. But no one but you, and Morse, will know what it says.

See more awesome from Sharon at Cupcakes and Cutlery.

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