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April 13, 2012

I interrupt the weekly list for something much better. Today Ryan and I are featured in Amanda’s amazing my better half series! Check out the post for a few random tidbits about each of us and a very brief version of our story (gushy stuff).

Some more posts I wrote this week that you’re sure to like:
10 DIY blogs you should be reading (part of a new series!)
Cute spring dresses that won’t leave you wondering if you accidentally flashed your neighbor
If you liked Monday’s post, you’ll love this round-up of custom portraits (the paper doll one is so rad)
Right now I’m loving all things foxy
Best of the week! (dying over the paper mache globes)

This weekend I was planning on having a baby but he’s let me know he’s pretty comfy staying put so I’ll most likely be back on Monday. Have a happy one!



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