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April 20, 2012


Two items of business before I go have a baby (for real):
– Things will be quiet around here next week but starting April 30, I have an amazing line-up of guest posters scheduled. Trust me, you’ll be well taken care of.
– Turns out because I upload my photos to Flickr, it’s not allowing pins from my site. This was not my doing! I’m thrilled when you pin my stuff. I will soon discontinue my use of Flickr, but until then you can use the little Pin It widget at the bottom of each post which seems to work.

And some more posts I wrote this week that you’re sure to like:
A list of my favorite party supply resources (you’re want to file this one away)
10 beauty in the everyday blogs you should be reading
– Forget wallpaper, hand paint your pattern instead (you will die over the peony one)
The #1 thing I need for summer (will you help me pick one out?)
Best of the week!

map from Best Made Co



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