flower cupcake toppers are my fave (guest post from amy)

May 15, 2012

I had a baby so I’ve invited some fave guests to take over for me while I spend time with the little guy. Today’s post is from Mrs. Domestic, Amy of This Heart of Mine.

I’ve got springy flowers on the brain and thought itty-bitty tissue paper flowers would make darling cupcake toppers.

Take the ho-hum to colorful and cute.

The blasé to enchanting.

I think they’ll do. 🙂

These flowers are just like the tissue paper flowers you’ve made before, just smaller in size.

And smaller is almost always cuter, albeit a bit tedious.


You need:

  • tissue paper cut in 2×2 inch squares
  • lollipop sticks, skewers – cut to size
  • wire – I used plastic-covered jewelry wire.

Then follow the steps:

1. Pick out the tissue paper. Six pieces are plenty. Any more and pulling the pieces to the middle is difficult. For this flower, I used four pieces of dark pink, two pieces of light pink plus two smaller squares of white for the middle. Pick your combo.

2. Stack up the tissue paper.

3. Accordion fold the square. It does not have to be a perfect accordion. I tested this. A lot. 🙂

4. Pinch the stack tightly.

5. Wrap a bit of wire around the middle of the accordion fold.

6. Optional step: Cut the ends to make a scalloped edge. You can also make pointed tips or do a series of small cuts to make a ruffly edge.

7. Starting in the middle, very gently, begin to pull each piece of tissue paper up and towards the middle. This is the tedious part; the pieces are so small and so thin.

8. Continue pulling the tissue pieces to the middle.

9. Fluff the flower a little, make it just right.

10. The flower is complete!

11. Wrap the flower and excess wire around the top of the lollipop stick.

12. The flower is ready to perk up a lackluster cupcake.


It really dresses things up, right?!

And the possibilities are endless.

It’s almost sad to remove the topper to eat the cupcake.


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