t-strap flats + vintage chairs are my fave (guest post from Katie)

June 4, 2012

I had a baby so I’ve invited some fave guests to take over for me while I spend time with the little guy. Today’s post is from sweet Katie (the newest member of my extended family!) of the kb files.

In order to stay with the fabulous melanie’s overall theme, i’ve come up with both an interior trend & a fashion trend to share with you that are currently making a strong running for being my ultimate faves.

First on the docket… spring fashion. And at the moment, t-strap ballet flats are definitely my fave.
1: chloe via nordstrom // 2: avril gau via madewell // 3: marais // 4: j.crew // 5: asos // 6: seychelles via anthropologie

I’m a longtime fan of the traditional ballet flat, but absolutely adore what adding that small strap of leather can do.  Somewhat more refined, somewhat more classy, all the more my fave!

Next on the list… an interior must-have!  With my masters degree being in the study of fine art & furniture, i have huge respect for classic & historical design pieces that are being revamped, used, and appreciated today.  Old chair designs made new with bright, vibrant colors are totally my fave.
the classic marais armchair, designed by xavier pauchard in 1934 // molded plastic dowel leg side chair, designed by charles & ray eames in 1950 // the era chair, designed by michael thonet in 1859 // the navy chair, original made from 111 recycled coca-cola bottles, designed through a collaboration between emeco & coca-cola in 1944

Add any one of these chairs to your kitchen table, desk, or studio and immediately you’ve added both a timeless icon & a fun punch of color into your space.  Timeless & fun?  Undeniably my fave!

The take away message for today is – sitting in a vintage chair wearing a new pair of t-strap ballet flats is completely awesome & for sure my fave.

See more awesome from Katie on the kb files 



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