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July 31, 2012


linen party hat
hand printed cushion cover
home sweet home print

an olympics party is my fave

July 30, 2012

My sister is the queen of theme parties and definitely lives by the motto the more the merrier. Every time she throws a party I resolve to one day become her next door neighbor. Here’s what she conjured up for the opening ceremonies.

I think my favorite part has to be their huge inflatable screen that they’re watching the Olympics on every night. Good game sis, good game.

opening ceremonies day is my fave

July 27, 2012

olympic party
I’m going to send you off into this ceremonial weekend with some Olympic themed finds: Olympic fan card downloads, Olympic torch design, Olympic rings cookies, 17 Days of Summer poster, my Olympics board

I can’t guarantee I’ll be all that present for the next 17 days. I’ve got some cheering/yelling at my TV to do. Amazing awaits my friends, amazing awaits.

an olympic rings sign that’s supposed to light up is my fave

July 26, 2012

Let me just preface this tutorial by saying everything that could go wrong did. Luckily Molly was my make sidekick during the project who kept me from not giving up. Behold the sign that frustrated me to no end:

You got to admit, the concept is solid I just made a lot of mistakes. Hopefully my instructions will be clear so you don’t have to.

– 2×4 mdf board, 1/4″ thick (don’t choose any material that is thicker than this)
– circle template (we used a bowl)
– drill with 1/2″ bit (we tried three different sizes and this one is it)
– paint
– three strands bulb lights (I got these at Target)

Set board (this was the first mistake, we started with one that was too thick) out on work surface and use your circle template to pencil in the rings. Make sure to measure the distance between each circle so it turns out evenly. Make small markings where you want the bulbs to go, about 1 1/2″ apart.

– Raise the board (we used books) and drill holes where you put each marking.
– Paint the front of the surface and let dry (optional).
– Unscrew each bulb from the socket. Put bulb through the front of the hole and screw back into socket in the back of the board. Make sure bulbs are screwed in all the way.
– Plug in before the start of the games like the ceremonial lighting of a Christmas tree.

Now you’re probably wondering why my isn’t lit up. Well, this morning when I plugged it in I went to adjust a bulb and pop! all of the bulbs went dead. Project fail. But if you look at it from this angle they kind of look lit –

I’m going to go talk to some food about this.

an olympic rings candy bar is my fave

July 25, 2012

Today’s Olympic themed party idea is from Kelly of Studio DIY.

Melanie and I share two faves. Target, and the Olympics. This super simple DIY project puts both together, and adds candy. BAM! If you haven’t yet discovered the Target Dollar Spot, you are really missing out. It’s my favorite go-to place for party supplies because they have great items and, yes, they are only a dollar! One thing the Dollar Spot really does well are cute containers. Pails, baskets, boxes, they’ve got it all in awesome colors and patterns that are constantly changing and updating to keep you wanting (err… buying) more. I spotted these mini pails and with the Olympics on the brain, instantly thought “Olympic Rings!” And then my mind went to sugar, as it often does, and this DIY Olympic rings candy bar was born. Now zip on over to Target, pick up your supplies and get ready to celebrate the Olympics!

Five Dollar Aisle Mini Pails (I purchased a blue, black, yellow and two silver ones from Target)
Craft or Spray Paint (In red and green to finish out the Olympic colors!)
Candy in Olympic Ring Colors

Assuming you found the same colors I did at your local Target, start by painting your two silver pails (inside and out) one green and the other red. I used craft paint because it’s what I had on hand but spray paint would work great as well. Let dry completely. Fill each pail with it’s corresponding candy color. Please note! Since you are painting the pails, I recommend using candy that comes in individual wrappers, like I did, or carefully lining the pail with food-safe wax paper first. Arrange your pails in Olympic Ring order (Top row: Blue, Black, Red; Bottom row: Yellow, Green). Gather some candy bags and let the party guests go to town!

Who’s throwing an Olympics party!?

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