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July 23, 2012

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I don’t know anyone who loves the Olympics as much as my family and I. My mom probably still has coverage from the Atlanta games recorded on a VHS tape somewhere. We text each other photos of any Olympic product we come across and our family website posts are already dominated with talk of the summer games. My sister always throws a huge party  for the opening ceremonies (this year they’ll be projected onto an inflatable outdoor screen after the ceremonial lighting of the fire pit) so I had the talented Melanie Burk design these printable invitations for my family and anyone of you who are planning to have a party to celebrate the games. Just click on the link to download and print –

London Olympic games party invitation

Are you a dedicated fan of the Olympics? Let’s discuss and get really, really excited.

invitation design by Melanie Burk


  • On July 23, 2012 , Laurel Hammond said:

    OMG Olympics take over our lives. We seriously go Cable just for the Olympics -so that we could watch and record every moment. (If you know Comcast you know that is no small investment.)
    We live up by Canada so last Winter Olympics we could watch the whole thing live and then at night we would watch the recaps. Haha… I just love the stories they highlight.

  • On July 23, 2012 , Winter said:

    So excited for the Olympics! Bring it on!

  • On July 23, 2012 , emily said:

    i love the olympics! have you seen these olympic playmobil toys…
    so awesome!

  • On July 23, 2012 , Gina said:



  • On July 23, 2012 , ag. said:

    GAh, I’m so excited, too! I’m obsessed!
    I live in Vancouver so got to experience the Olympics first hand and it was AMAZING! I was lucky enough to attend several events – dream come true! And just like Laurel, I’d watch it happen live and then go home and spend the evenings watching all the coverage. I thought my husband was going to kill me. I! AM! SO! EXCITED!

  • On July 23, 2012 , Katie said:

    yay- I’ve been looking forward to YAMF olympic week as much as the olympics themselves!

  • On July 24, 2012 , cait said:

    i’m SO excited for the Olympics!!! i couldn’t tell you how disappointed i was when i realized that my family reunion in the mountains (no tv!) was the same weekend as the Opening Ceremonies-GAH! but thank you DVR- maybe we will have some family Olympic competitions 🙂

  • On July 24, 2012 , kat jackson said:

    this is such a good idea!

  • On July 24, 2012 , Design Crush » Olympic Mania said:

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  • On July 24, 2012 , Karen said:

    Counting the days until all the coverage! This invitation is super cute for the festivities.

  • On July 24, 2012 , Rachel Tobias said:

    Oh gosh, I have found a kindred spirit! I have been lucky enough to go to five olympic games as a spectator and have pretty much been obsessed since I was 6 years old. We’re doing a big Olympic party too — just finished designing the invitation in case you’re interested!


    Going to adapt some of your Olympic box items as party favors and prizes for ours!


  • On July 25, 2012 , Alicia said:

    I brought these to some people last night to invite them to our party and they were so impressed! They are so cute!

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  • On August 6, 2012 , Maggie said:

    My maternity leave coincided with the Olympic games… coincidence? I think not!

    It has been great to be at home all day and catch up on all of the obscure sports and give John an Olympic recap each night!

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