family reunions are my fave

August 20, 2012

I spent the last week with my parents, all of my sisters (there’s seven of us) and their families. That added up to be 30 people under one roof and although loud at times, I couldn’t have loved it more. 
This is the whole family with Beck’s bald profile peeking up through the blanket. We took this photo by using a makeshift tripod out of a cowboy lamp. Doesn’t that sound like something you would find on Pinterest?

Beck was always surrounded or held by all of the girls in the family. He has the most circular face, every time I look at it I just laugh.

We made a day trip to Yellowstone and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings. Even though I grew up in Montana, I had only gone once when I was too little to remember. I’ve always complained about that and now Beck probably will too. I want to go back regularly, it didn’t disappoint.

Beck got tired with all the trekking around.

I was also schooled about the new hit boy band, One Direction, and told which members were cutest by my nieces. Thank goodness. (I’m sad to report they had no idea who the Backstreet Boys are.)

I’m such a fan of my family, I just had to share.



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