a glance at beck’s room is my fave

September 4, 2012

I think my title as blogger might need to be revoked. For one thing, I’ve never worn a top knot. For another, I don’t have a smart phone. And for another, I’m just now finishing Beck’s nursery and he’s four months old. If I was a real blogger, I would have had it done the week after I found out I was pregnant and it would have been featured on a number of sites by now.

I remember waiting for him to arrive and thinking that I would finish it the week after he was born when my mom was here to help. Ha! I barely left the bed for a month. But last week I finally got the courage to brave the crowds at IKEA and only broke my friend’s sewing machine three times in order to add those final touches. Now both Beck and I can enjoy the room before he’s able to scale the shelves and break everything in sight.

sources: fabric banner and mobile made by me, Schleich animals, shelves and mirror from IKEA, framed card from Best Made Company



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