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September 5, 2012

pack and play
I’ve had some bad experiences with playards in the past. Like, waste an hour of my time trying to get the thing to go down only to be left with it half closed and shoving it in the closet so no one can see my humiliation. In fact, at our family reunion a few weeks ago Beck was sleeping in one and when I went to clean it up I gave up about ten minutes in and had my sister come take care of it. It kind of reminded me of the part of Zoolander where they’re trying to get the files off the computer and start just hitting it like monkeys. Conclusion: I look like a monkey when I’m trying to fold up a playard.

But things have changed friends, things have changed. Let’s all give a hip hip hooray for the new playard The Breeze. It opens in one easy step. It closes in one easy step. No directions needed. Don’t believe me, watch this.

This was Beck’s expression after he watched the video –

And this is his expression when he got to try it out –

Want your baby to be this happy too? I’m giving one of these sleek (don’t you love that there’s no cheesy animal graphics on it?) Breezes away today. Here’s what you need to do to enter:
– Visit 4moms then comment on this post
– For additional entries, follow 4moms on Facebook or Twitter

That’s it! Winner will be randomly chosen then emailed directly by me on Monday, September 10th.

Full disclosure: I was gifted a Breeze from 4moms for this review. All stories/opinions/general grievances are my own.



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