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September 6, 2012

Sharon is back today, yay! Anything no sew is my fave.

party favors
Hi everybody! Today I am showing you how to make a no sew favor bag.  To me these are suited for some sort of girly function but could be made more boy friendly by changing up the fabric (um, corduroy would be so cute)  I’m not much of a sewer but on several occasions I have wanted a cute little fabric bag.  I decided to play around with this method and it works perfectly.  These bags require a little labor and are one of those projects that can be done in front of The Real Housewives Insert Favorite City Here (but probably not Miami).

This image shows the materials needed to make two bags. The blue fabric was purchased from the fabric store while the orange fabric is a fat quarter from the craft store. The amount of fabric you will need depends on the size of the bag you want to make. For example, the fabric for the ones that I made were approximately 12″ wide by 20″ long (again, approximate as I threw away the paper with the actual measurements on it…oops!). Allow about 3″ for the fringe on each side and also about an inch at the top and the bottom of the fabric to create a hem to string your drawstring through. You will need 1 piece of Heat N Bond, I used 5/8″ (you will use half for the top and half for the bottom hem) and a safety pin along with whatever trim (ribbon, string, leather, etc.) you will be using for your drawstring.And have your iron and ironing board out also.

Measure the Heat N Bond to match the width of the fabric at the top and bottom, remember we will be folding the fabric in half doing away with the need for a hem at the bottom. Next cut the Heat N Bond in half lengthwise.  Follow the directions on the package and adhere the iron-on adhesive to the fabric along the top edge first.  Remove the backing, then fold over the fabric remembering to allow enough room for your trim to fit through.  Use the iron to create the hem.  Be sure to double check that your hem is staying tacked before putting your iron away.

Next it is time to get fringey.  We are also going to pretend that the two images in the middle of this collage are the same fabric as the first and last row…To start, cut the fabric approximately 3 inches at the top corner in the center of the hem (top left image).  This is important so that you can string your drawstring through.  Do this at all four corners then go back and cut the fringe on the two sides of the bag (top right image).  If you go ahead and fold the fabric in half before cutting the fringe (middle left image), you will for sure have the same amount of fringe on each side to knot in the next step (middle right image).  Next, starting at the bottom (the fold in the fabric) start double knotting the two fringe pieces together (bottom right image).  Try not to pull so tight that the fabric puckers but tight enough that it will stay together.

Knot both sides of the bag with double knots.  Leave the last piece of fringe at each top corner unknotted so you can insert the drawstring.

Here we used a piece of white trim for the drawstring.  Tape the end if needed to keep it from fraying and attach a safety pin to it to scooch through the hem.  You can either use two separate pieces (1 for each side) and knot on each side or use one long piece and thread it through both sides of the bag to create one drawstring on one side like we’ve done here.

These no sew favor bags could also double as a party activity for a kid’s party.  Prepare the bags through the fringe step ahead of time and allow the girls to knot and choose their own drawstring at the party.  How cute would these be to fill with candy at a candy buffet?  You could even pack a snack or their lunch in these.  In my opinion, providing all the party necessities, like we’ve done in the top photo, is the perfect way to use these bags.  Drop one off at your bestie’s doorstep as a pick me up.  OR since it is back to school time, bring one to your teacher and be their favorite.

Styling by Lauren of A Fabulous Fete
Images by Sharon of Cupcakes and Cutlery
Felt party flags from party kit image by Hank and Hunt



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