mini paper bags three ways are my fave

October 16, 2012

Sometimes I think you could give a a bag of Neccos as a gift and the recepient would still be excited if it were wrapped pretty. Here are three simple ways to make a brown paper bag gift ready instead of just cold lunch ready, all taking 5 minutes or less.

For the patterned flocking you’ll need:
Martha Stewart Crafts Flocking Transfer Kit
– scissors

All you need to do is cut the double sided sticker to size, apply the flocking sheet texture side down in and press down with a popsicle stick. Then peel and reveal. For a similar look you could also just stencil a pattern on with paint.

For the foil transfer you’ll need:
– double sided alphabet stickers
Martha Stewart Crafts foil sheets (I tried just foil candy wrappers and it did not work)
– popsicle stick

Write out your message by applying the alphabet stickers. Place the foil sheet on top with the metallic side up and press down over the letters with a popsicle stick. Then peel (slowly) and reveal. This one’s my favorite.

For the stamped and stitched you’ll need:
– patterned stamp (I used the Martha Stewart Crafts Set Your Own Stamp Case)
– contrast thread
– sewing machine

Stamp and stitch shut.

Treat receptacles complete.

* I was not paid by Martha Stewart Crafts for this post, I just use a lot of their product.



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