twenty-four hours in denver is my fave

October 17, 2012

print of denver
I’ve been meaning to do a post of Denver suggestions for a while since the question of what to do in the sunny city is often posed in my inbox. It usually comes from people who have limited time here for work since people don’t seem to come here on their own free will. Why so? It’s sunny, clean, accessible and I live here. Do I need to give more reasons than that? So if you have twenty-four hours in Denver, here’s what I would suggest you do:

– As far as a place to stay, I suggest finding a vacation rental through Enrout (it’s a whole lot easier than searching a bunch of sites) so you can feel like you lived like a local for the day. I think it would fun to stay in a little cottage over your typical motel. Cross your fingers for mints on the pillow.
– After a restful night, start the day with a heaping plate of cornflake french toast (or chicken and waffles if you’re lucky enough to go on a Thursday) at Jelly.
– Then burn off the calories by grabbing a ride from the public biking system, Bcycle. You can pedal around the capital area and end up at The Denver Art Museum for some high-brow fun.
– Afterwards, head south to hit up The Hornet or Karma (the branding isn’t pretty but the bento box lunches are fresh and delightful) for lunch. Since you’re close anyway, a trip to Fancy Tiger, Ironwood, and Sputnik (solely for the photobooth) is a must.
– For proof that hip people live outside of Brooklyn, head to Highlands Square. Munch on a whoopie pie from Happy Cakes while you browse the goods (I mean this in every sense of the word) at shops like The Perfect Petal and Word Shop.
– Depending on your food mood, head southeast for dinner at Linger, Steubens or Pinche Tacos.
– After fully stuffing yourself, hunker down with a read at Tattered Cover (or just go for the smell of books).
– Then, top your stomach off with a cake and shake at D Bar Desserts.

Hooray for Denver!

Denver skyline illustration from January Jones Prints



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