handmade baby quilts are my fave

October 22, 2012

My talented (and super domestic) friend Katie just opened up Luck No. 7 where she’ll be selling her handmade baby quilts. She has a knack of finding the most perfect fabrics (could there be a better pattern for Beck?!) and stitching them together beautifully. I can’t wait to see all of the different ones she comes up with. As you can tell by Beck’s expression, he fully supports this decision.


  • On October 22, 2012 , Heather said:

    They are lovely.

  • On October 22, 2012 , Joy | Frock Files said:

    These are darling. I especially love Beck’s quilt with those festive flags. He’s absolutely selling that thing — she should hire him!

  • On October 22, 2012 , ginger from the style of being said:

    The way she uses narrow bands is fabulous! Love the fabrics. Love Beck’s little teeth. 🙂

  • On October 22, 2012 , Erika Peterson said:

    Oh my, look how cute Beck is! And I also like the quilts 🙂

  • On October 22, 2012 , Katie said:

    Oh you’re so sweet! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  • On October 22, 2012 , domestikate said:

    This is super cute!

  • On October 22, 2012 , Sharon Garofalow said:

    Seriously! His face! You need to make like a gazillion babies. I’m totally in to quilts right now. I can’t wait to check them out!

  • On October 23, 2012 , Greta said:

    How sweet! 🙂

  • On October 24, 2012 , Tara said:

    Handmade quilts are my fave, too! I’ve been making them like crazy lately.

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