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November 6, 2012

If you haven’t noticed, around here I like to present readers with doable and practical ideas (yes, I believe that pretty party decorations are practical). So to continue with this theme I’m starting a how-to series of three steps to better (blank). All steps being things that are easy to implement for better living. Today, we’re talking toy and book storage.

Step 1: Have functional and good looking storage in the room you plant yourself in the most.

My friend told me I would want a coffee table that had storage but I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t bulky and visually heavy for our small space. I opted for an airy table that’s easy to move and added a storage cube from Land of Nod that pulls double duty as seating when needed.

Step 2: If it’s attractive, let it function as decoration.

We have open shelving in Beck’s room to stack books and to display art and cute toys. And his animals are scattered throughout the house.

Step 3: Hide away the rest in solid, easy to access bins and place them in play designated areas of the house.

If you come to a point where the toys are greater than the amount of storage it’s time for a game of keep, donate or trash.

There you go, three easy steps.

all photos by Jennifer Little of Sugar Photography

sources: stacking ring, wooden sorter, stuffed fox



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