a corn husk flower garland is my fave

November 14, 2012

Sharon is back today making sure Thanksgiving isn’t neglected with this awesome garland tutorial.

corn husk flower garland
Hi everyone. The biggest fall holiday, Thanksgiving, is right around the corner. Here is a really easy DIY for making corn husk flowers that will be the perfect addition to your holiday decorations. And there is one little twist in this tutorial that I think might blow your mind. So get ready for it!
corn husk flower garland
Pick up a bag of corn husks from your local grocery store. They are usually found with the Mexican spices and foods but are not at all stores so you might need to check a few before you find them. There are a ton in each bag so you can make corn husk crafts like crazy.

You don’t need many things for this craft so it is something you can whip out really fast. Grab a stack of corn husks to get started, plus you’ll need your scissors, some scrap papers (one scrap paper each for however many flowers you want to make), a glue gun and yes, a curling iron. What?! You say. Oh yeah, a curling iron.

Separate the corn husks. They are all stuck together in the package but pull apart really easily. Grab your scissors and cut out a petal shape from a corn husk. These do not have to be perfect, just free-form it. You will need 3 graduated sizes for each petal and there are 5 petals to each flower. (math, grody).

Simply hot glue one set of the three sizes together at the bottom of each petal. Continue with all 5 sets.

It’s time. Go plug in your curling iron. Full disclosure: I did NOT figure this step out on my own. Do you have crafty friends who just know stuff that nobody else knows? My pal, Carole, is one of those people. She showed me how to curl corn husks. But that sounds really odd, like this is something we sit around doing. It is not. We did get crafty with corn husks many years ago and this happened. She’s a total craft genius. Curl the ends of each petal to your liking. And much like hair, the larger the barrel, the larger the curl. Once they are all curled, lay out the petals to see how you will want to glue them together.

Use a small piece of scrap paper to hot glue each of the 5 petals too. They will overlap and you just want to try to spread them out kind of evenly and make it look nice. The scrap paper will help you depending on how you want to use these flowers as decoration.
corn husk flower garland
It is super easy to make different size flowers and you can easily make them in to garland with a little tape on the back. Tape won’t stick to the corn husk but will to the paper.

I love these corn husk flowers because they are pretty neutral in color, have that feeling of fall and are ridiculously easy. Just the way I like things. Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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