a wooden gift bow is my fave

December 10, 2012

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you are my fave: wooden gift bow
You may have guessed this by now but wood veneer is my material of choice for this series. My most recent creation? A wooden gift bow.

To make your own you’ll need
– paper backed wood veneer sheets (like this)
– scissors or a paper cutter
– hot glue gun

you are my fave: wooden gift bow
Step One: Cut eleven strips of the veneer, about 10″ long and 3/4″ wide.
Step Two: Fold the ends over one another to create a loop, secure with hot glue. You can play with the sizes here. Make six larger ones, four slightly smaller ones and then leave one straight and cut a little triangle out of the end of it.
Step Three: Start layering to create a bow shape and secure with hot glue. If you can’t tell I wasn’t very precise, just played around until it looked good.
you are my fave: wooden gift bow
Step Four: Top a gift and make someone happy.
you are my fave: wooden gift bow



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