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February 4, 2013

I really love the Martha Stewart Crafts line (and I’m not getting paid to say that). When Jo-Anns started dedicating an aisle to it, Ryan was still in law school and I was unemployed so money was tight. I would literally plant myself in the aisle, gather up everything I wanted and then whittle it down to the one thing I could justify buying. You know, for a “blog project.” So I jumped at the chance to be part of 12 Months of Martha. Here’s the gist: I get sent a box of Martha Stewart Crafts products once a month, a come up with a project using the materials, and then I share the results. Sound good? Good. Here’s what I made with materials from the first box.
you are my fave: diy valentine treat bags

To make your own Valentine paper treat bags you’ll need:
– scrapbook weight paper (I used sheets from Martha Stewart Crafts Valentine Paper Pad)
– scissors
– decorative paper punches (like this heart from MSC)
– clear cellophane
– double sided tape or glue stick

you are my fave: diy valentine treat bags

For the template, I simply traced the outline of a deconstructed bag I had in my party supply stash. The dimensions when open are 11×4 with additional material for the flaps (don’t forget flaps!). This envelope template from Mineco would work too. So once that’s decided, cut it out and use your paper punch to create a little window.

you are my fave: diy valentine treat bags

Cut out a square of cellophane big enough to cover your window and attach with glue to the backside of the paper. Put glue on the folded in flaps, then fold up the bottom half of the paper to attach and create a bag.

you are my fave: diy valentine treat bags

Fill with treats than close up the top with tape or round labels. I used Shape N’ Tape from Lifestyle Crafts which is sheets of decorative adhesive so you can cut it into any shape you want.

Treat bags complete.

you are my fave: diy valentine treat bags
you are my fave: diy valentine treat bags

I used Good & Plenty candies only because they looked pretty in the bags. Please do not give your Valentine Good and Plenty. Unless you want to be kicked in the shin.



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