a gold + neon pink heart garland is my fave

February 5, 2013

Today’s Valentine project is from good ol’ Sharon.
you are my fave: heart garland

Hi guys, I’m here with a super easy garland for Valentine’s Day. Yup, a heart garland. Brilliant, right? Ok, so it isn’t very inspired but it is done in a fun new way.


This banner uses things you probably already have lying around the house. You’ll need some paper (patterned, card stock, whatevs), scissors, a hole punch and string.

you are my fave: heart garland

Since I didn’t trust my heart free handing skills I made a template with some card stock and traced it on to the back of the paper I planned on using. Feel free to skip that step and just get crazy and willy nilly cut out hearts. (Can you tell I struggle a bit with perfection?) Then punch holes near the point and each rounded edge.

This garland uses 3 pieces of sting, yarn, what have you. They should all be roughly the same length. For me, it is easiest to lay out the 3 pieces of string parallel to each other. Then you put the top piece up through the top hole, the second piece down through the hole by the point and the last piece up through the second hole hole on the other side of the heart. Writing that sounds very confusing but the picture should show it very clearly. String all your hearts and bingo! you’ve got yourself a garland.

you are my fave: heart garland

you are my fave: heart garland
I used large hearts but it would look super cute with smaller hearts too. And the hearts slide so you can place them wherever you want. Get crazy with those hearts. And have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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