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February 7, 2013

hello. also, i love you.
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In the spirit of Valentine’s Day I’ve been thinking about meet cutes, a term I only became familiar with after watching The Holiday but then became obsessed with using it every chance I got. I wouldn’t say the first meeting between Ryan and I was necessarily claims for romantic comedy rights: a dim lit basement, uncoordinated dancing happening around us, me commenting he looks like David Duchovney and him trying to impress me with the fact that there’s a Blodgett Canyon in Montana. Nonetheless, I’m sure there are some classic meet cute stories you have to share, so spill it. I’m feeling romantic today.

This short Par Chance film from Tancori has a meet cute all girls dream of.











PS I find it amusing how often Mindy Kaling brings up the topic of meet cutes on her show and on Twitter. Apparently she even sent out a meet cute kit with her Christmas cards last year. Ha!

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