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February 15, 2013

you are my fave: business cards
Since Alt was a few weeks ago, beforehand I needed to update my business cards to include my newish logo. I turned all creative powers over to Kirsten and she came up with this clever (I can say that because she created them) pocket window, interactive design. I had Ryan assembling them late into the night before I left for SLC. Although they didn’t stand out among the swag cards of Alt (people were practically handing out their kidney, packaged with baker’s twine), I like how they turned out.

you are my fave: business cards

If you can’t see, the fill in the blanks read:

quote liz lemon
put things in boxes

The cards of Alt Summit were fantastic by the way, I wasn’t dissing them. Ez did a nice round-up.

Next week I’ll be celebrating 5 years of yamf so come back and cue the confetti.

PS Just in case you need some ideas for Monday.



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