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March 13, 2013

Today’s post is from Sharon, the party genius behind Cupcakes and Cutlery.


Do you ever feel like the word “birthday” is just too dang long? And we all know that the most important part of celebrating a birthday is the cake anyway. So I came up with this Happy Cake Day banner. This banner has two parts, the napkin flowers and the message. Of course this banner can be made with just paper but I really enjoy using fabrics in my party decor. The options of textures, color and patterns are way better than what you can find at your local craft store scrapbook section. Similarly, the napkins give you a crazy amount of options and are inexpensive. I’m going to focus my tutorial on the fabric message part as the flowers are pretty much the same as making tissue poms (see a perfect napkin flower tutorial here).

you are my fave: happy cake day banner

For this banner you will need:
– your wording printed out on card stock
– a small section of fabric (I think I bought a 1/4 yard and used WAY less than that)
– scissors
– Super 77 (or other spray adhesive, but I’ve tried others and I think this works the best for this)
– gloves (so you don’t permanently stick your fingers together)
– drop cloth to work on
– string for hanging the words and making the napkin flowers
– various napkins in whatever colors and patterns you like
– masking tape to hang the banner and flowers

you are my fave: happy cake day banner

The way I make the message part of the banner is by starting with card stock letters and then adhering them to fabric. I am not talented enough to freehand the letters so I use the font called Blackout in Midnight mode (most type has bold as an option, well this font has midnight and 2 am…) You need to remember to reverse the letters so that they print backwards. That way, when you stick them to the fabric, the fabric ends up on the correct side.

you are my fave: happy cake day banner

Be sure to do this part outside as the spray adhesive would literally stick your cat to the wall. And it stinks like crazy. The glue, not your cat. I don’t even know your cat. With gloves on, spray the correct side of the letter and glue it to the backside of the fabric. Take a minute to press and smooth out the letter on the fabric. Once they are all on the fabric go ahead and take a minute to step away from the fumes. They really don’t need too long to dry but you do want to make sure the fabric doesn’t fall right off.

you are my fave: happy cake day banner

Next cut out each letter and then punch two holes at the top so you can string your message. A normal hole puncher will get through the fabric and card stock but not cut the fabric all the way around. Use scissors to trim up the back side.

you are my fave: happy cake day banner

Slide your message on to the string and then get ready to make a bunch of napkin flowers. As many as you want. Again, see the napkin flower tutorial here. You can also make tissue poms for a similar look.

you are my fave: happy cake day banner

I prefer to not put an even amount of flowers on each side but keep it more artsy looking. The easiest way to put them up is with masking tape. The flowers are pretty light so they should stay put. That is how I knew it was time to take the banner down. I would find flowers on the ground or they would fall on my head when I was sitting under it. I have a problem with taking banners down after they go up. They’re just so festive!

you are my fave: happy cake day banner

I’ve also made this banner with leopard print letters and green and pink napkins. Super cute and girly. This would also be really fun to do for Mother’s Day brunch. And I think the paper flowers are just the right piece of wall decor for spring in general.

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