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April 3, 2013

Today I’m happy to announce that Amelia, the creator of the oh so popular wind-up paper butterflies, will be stopping by yamf once a month to share her talents. 

you are my fave: floral portraits

Is it officially Spring where you live yet? Here in Wisconsin the temps are still hovering near the freezing mark. I’ve been obsessed with filling my home with fresh flowers to make up for the fact that it’s April and there are still little piles of snow in my backyard. In fact, there have been so many flower arrangements in my house lately, my husband joked that it’s starting to look a little funeral home-ish. And he’s not wrong. I’m having the best time picking out blooms, arranging them until they’re just ever so, and placing them in a sunny spot to admire– that is, until they begin to droop and wither and turn the vase water into murky green muck. Tossing all those pretty flowers into the trash is a total bummer, so I dreamed up this little project in an effort to keep them around longer than a few days. It’s inexpensive, ridiculously easy, and makes the trash tossing a little less painful. All you need is a vase of fresh flowers, a camera, some natural light, and an empty frame.

you are my fave: floral portraits

The first step is to get your flowers ready for their close-up. I’m no florist, but I’ve learned that keeping the flowers loose and natural-looking will create a beautiful bouquet. And don’t skip the greenery!

you are my fave: floral portraits

My goal was to capture the feeling of a still life painting for my flowers, so I set them on a table near a window, and played around with different props and backgrounds. A kitchen towel and a black chalkboard worked nicely, and so did a simple white wall and wooden table. You don’t need a fancy camera to get the shot, either. As long as there’s an abundance of natural light, even the camera on your phone will do just fine.

you are my fave: floral portraits

When you think you’ve got the shot, transfer your photo(s) to a flash drive. I took mine to the FedEx shop near my house and had them printed out onto 15x20in sheets of paper. The whole thing took about 5 minutes, and each print cost less than $2.

you are my fave: floral portraits

Now just pop that photo into a frame (I used an old, thrifted one, but a few of my Ikea frames worked great too) and find the perfect spot to keep your pretty little floral portrait.

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