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April 15, 2013

diy hanging fabric flowers

I don’t have a FAQ page on YAMF because the fact is, I don’t get asked questions all the much. I guess I haven’t done a good enough job making my life seem fascinating enough that people wonder or care. Or I blab too much. Either way, I do get asked this one question at least a couple times a week. And it has actually nothing to do with me.

A couple years ago I posted photos of some hanging fabric flower decorations from this wedding photographed by Lizelle Lotter. I put the source of the photos in the post and do not even hint that I made them or have anything to do with them. Yet, I keep getting asked how I made them. Moral of the story: people are dumb. The end. Wait, there’s actually a little more to the story. It’s called the long awaited tutorial and I’m delivering it to you today.

diy hanging fabric flowers

To make your own you’ll need:
– cotton fabric (I used broad cloth because I liked the price and color range, 1/4 yard will yield 25 flowers)
– fabric scissors
– hot glue gun
– twine
– needle

diy hanging fabric flowers

Step One: Cut your fabric into ovals. They don’t have to be exact, just a general circular shape will do. I cut 25 of each color.

Step Two: Take one oval and fold it in half then dab some hot glue near the middle on the folded edge. It’s essential that you use a mini glue gun with lots of crap stuck to it.

I should mention I started at the sewing machine stitching the top together but then realized I hate that blasted machine and that a glue gun would be quicker and accompanied with less stress eating.

Step Three: Fold your oval in half the other direction and pinch the top so the two sides adhere to form a flower shape.

diy hanging fabric flowers

Step Four: Repeat steps two and three until you’ve got a nice, color coded pile going on.

Step Five: Thread a needle with twine and string the flowers vertically. I found it’s the easiest to go through the bottom to the top. Make sure to knot the twine at the bottom so the flowers don’t fall off. It’s up to you how many flowers you want on each strand and how long you want each strand to be. I wasn’t exact because I liked the staggered look.

Step Six: Lay out a long piece of twine horizontally and attach the vertical strands by tying them at the top to hang.

diy hanging fabric flowers

diy hanging fabric flowers

diy hanging fabric flowers

You got what you asked for Internet. Appreciate me.


  • On April 15, 2013 , Kelly said:

    You make me laugh, and you make me want to make this.

  • On April 15, 2013 , Nikki said:

    This is cute, but what I really loved was how to highlighted how slow people are. There are too many times when I laugh at how lazy people online are.

  • On April 15, 2013 , Lindy said:

    These are awesome Melanie! Beautiful photos!

  • On April 15, 2013 , Amanda said:

    These are super cute! I love simple projects that deliver good results.

  • On April 15, 2013 , Megan Lane said:

    Haha, so awesome of you! These are so, so pretty, thanks for the tutorial!

  • On April 15, 2013 , Karen said:

    Thank you for the tip to really muck up my glue gun before attempting this project. It would’ve been really embarrassing if I messed it up b/c of that!

  • On April 15, 2013 , Ashley said:

    I absolutely adore this project. So fun!

  • On April 15, 2013 , Nicole said:

    Calling your readers dumb isn’t going to make us like you ha ha 😉 Cute tutorial, anyhow.

  • On April 15, 2013 , Julia said:

    Two words. Awe. Some. Thanks for the tutorial…I think my girls and I will be whipping up some of these babies soonish!!

  • On April 15, 2013 , Melissa said:

    I remember that post! Such pretty pictures. Glad you’re finally sharing your well-guarded secret, Melanie. 😉

  • On April 15, 2013 , Becca said:

    This post is my fave. My biggest blog peeve is being asked how I did something when the post is clearly credited to someone else’s work. But more importantly- these fabric flowers rule. Thanks for making me smile.

  • On April 15, 2013 , Joy said:

    I’m pretty sure most people don’t read blogs; they’re just looking at pretty pictures. 🙂 And these are very pretty ones! Reading or no reading, this post is awesome.

  • On April 16, 2013 , Treva said:

    I’m so sad that my crap covered glue gun in a storage bin getting ready to be moved right now. I’m pretty sure I need these little itty bitties in my life. Pronto.
    Also, I totally agree about dumb people. They are also sucky.

  • On April 17, 2013 , corey said:

    the “covered in crap” hot glue gun IS essential! so glad you pointed that out. those people who have clean glue-guns are liars. and don’t make their fabric flowers nearly as nice as you do. kudos!

  • On April 17, 2013 , Nicole said:

    so pretty! thanks Melanie!

  • On April 17, 2013 , Cyd said:

    lol Love that you keep it real. I get those kinds of random questions ALL the time. Or people emailing me where they can buy stuff they see. “Uhhh…click on the link below the photo” is how I always want to respond. 😉 And I love this tutorial! xo

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  • On April 19, 2013 , Aleah and Nick said:

    Darling and oh-so festive!

  • On April 19, 2013 , Nicole said:

    Love the commentary. You are appreciated!

  • On April 25, 2013 , Alishka said:

    So so beautiful!!! Love the colors you’ve chosen… I can’t wait to go try this out like NOW!!!!!

  • On April 25, 2013 , Alishka said:

    So so beautiful!!! Love the colors you’ve chosen… I can’t wait to go try this out like NOW!!!!!

  • On May 2, 2013 , Reflective Tape Suppliers said:

    What a creative way to liven up an apartment! Definitely going to try this!

  • On May 3, 2013 , jacqueline ramos said:

    amei essa idéia
    muito linda , vou fazer p aniver da minha filha

  • On July 21, 2013 , Amanda said:

    Your glue gun looks like my glue gun- very used.

  • On August 29, 2013 , Michelle Havenga said:

    I do some outdoor art shows. I am going to hang these around my booth. The color and movement will attract people. I do feel a bit unworthy because my glue gun is not so clumpy. I do keep a small bowl of water so I can dip my hot glued fingers in the water. I call the reside “glue gun boogers”. It is not always pretty being artsy! Thanks for the tutorial and giggles.

  • On September 23, 2013 , Lis said:

    Beautiful!I guess this could work with crepe paper, I’m going to try. Thanks for sharing!

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  • On December 27, 2013 , Rachel said:


  • On April 15, 2014 , Gerry said:

    Great!! I will be making this for our work lunch room..maybe itt will lift our spirits and make us think of spring!!!!

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