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June 6, 2013

Today’s post is from super crafter and cute mom, Amelia of The Homebook.

yarn wrapped lights

I’ve recently been on the hunt for a little nightlight for my son’s nursery. When my search for a cute and inexpensive option became fruitless, I, like any thrifty crafter would do, searched my house for supplies to make my own. Inspired by Design Sponge’s twine-wrapped bulb lights, I grabbed some leftover Christmas tree lights and some yarn, and got to work. The results are cute and twinkly, perfect for a baby’s room.

yarn wrapped lights

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

– One set of twinkle lights
– Yarn, in assorted colors
– Scissors

yarn wrapped lights

yarn wrapped lights

Starting at one end of your string of lights, knot a piece of yarn around the cords to secure. Begin wrapping the yarn around the cords. Once you reach the end of one piece of yarn, knot another piece to it, and continue wrapping. I used various lengths of yarn for variety, but found that short pieces (around 15 inches) were easiest to work with. Continue wrapping and knotting until you reach the end of the twinkle lights.

yarn wrapped lights

That’s it! Now you can have Christmas lights up all year round without your neighbors complaining.

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