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June 11, 2013

This post is for readers who are looking to pretty up their blog, or make their Etsy shop sing, or even create a career-launching portfolio website that isn’t an eyesore.

virb site

One of the points I make in every one of the online classes I teach for Alt (psst, I’m teaching 2 this month!) is that when it comes to working or selling online, your blog/site/shop has become your resume. I even heard from the marketing director at MSN that when she receives a pitch, the first thing she does is visit the site of the sender. So that means the first version of you are my fave with my makeshift (in Word, no less) banner and miniscule images isn’t going to cut it anymore. Or at least not give the impression that you would want to give.

When I mention this, at least one student in the class always seems to panic and ultimately comes back to me with the question, “What if you have no design/coding experience and don’t have money to hire someone to do it?” My one word answer? Virb.

Virb is an easy-to-use website builder (seriously, you don’t need to know a line of code) with the best looking customizable themes I’ve seen. Plus, once you build your lovely site, you have unlimited storage and cloud hosting for an affordable $10 a month. So I’m giving Virb the yamf stamp of approval.

virb site

virb site

The images are from a few sites that have been created by Virb users:
Mike Rogers (I love the colors and icons he designed)
Cotton & Flax (Dang, this shop is good. I want this pillow)
Nan Lawson (Remember this custom portrait she drew of Ryan and me?)



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