baby face cake toppers are my fave (and I’m not talking about the r&b singer)

June 17, 2013

Today’s post is from the coolest cake maker in all the land, Lyndsay Sung of Coco Cake Land.

Babies! They make the world go round! Who can resist a funny little baby face. I just love a modern, simple party and thought this idea would be really cute for an easy times baby shower, gender reveal party or baby’s 1st birthday. All you need is a teensy bit of drawing skills (hardly) and a cake or two – store bought or handmade, up to you!

You will need:

1. Craft paper in a few different colors for the baby faces (the world is multicultural!) I used pale pink, yellow and grey brown.
2. A craft circle punch (I used two sizes but one size works, too!). Or, you can hand cut circles with scissors, too – just takes a bit longer.
3. Wooden BBQ skewers, scotch tape, a black Sharpie and a package of felts or pencil crayons.
4. A cake and some cupcakes to plunk your baby faced cake toppers into. Or, a pie would work too of course! Bring on the dessert!

Ready to make this party happen? Well allllright.

Punch out some colored circles. Optional idea: set some aside to use as table confetti for the party table setup.

Get your Sharpie ready! Drawing time!

I used my fine tip black Sharpie to draw the faces. Do you hate drawing? No worries. I’m also a kid’s art teacher! Focus on simple shapes: circles for eyes, lines for lips and a little curved line for the nose. I added eyelashes, tears, curly hair and colored in parts with felts for variance.

Adhere your baby faces to wooden BBQ skewers and toothpicks using scotch tape.

Plunk your baby face cake toppers into your cake and cupcakes and get ready for the cutest party ever!!!

Cake, photos and styling by Lyndsay Sung. Check out this whale cake she made for a lucky three-year-old.



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