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June 26, 2013

Today’s post is from sweet Joy, the gal behind Frock Files. You could use this tutorial for a cute clothes hamper redo too.


Two of my favorite things about summertime: visiting the farmer’s markets and going on picnics. For both, we always end up carrying way more than we expect, so last year we got a black collapsible cart, which was really helpful but totally utilitarian.

After falling in love with a bunch of pretty vintage bicycles on Pinterest, I decided to give my cart a similar look with some spray paint and handlebar tape. A burlap bag keeps the small items from falling through the grates, while the empty space in the back is just right for heftier items.

– Wire cart
– Sack (burlap, twill, or even a heavyweight pillowcase)
– 1 yard ribbon, divided into 4 parts
– Grommet kit
– Spray paint (Krylon’s Catalina Mist)
– Handlebar tape
– Washi tape


1. Following the instructions on the can, spray paint your cart. Krylon’s paint dries within a minute, so it doesn’t take long to do five or six even coats.


2. Since the paint takes an hour before you can handle it, head inside to work on your sack. Decide on where you want to place your grommets. I chose to place mine 2” down and 1.5” out from the seam. Place your grommet in the spot; mark an x inside the center of the grommet.



3. Using fabric scissors, cut a hole where the x is located. Then install your grommet according to the package instructions, or watch this video. (Don’t be intimidated – it’s really simple!)


4. Once the cart has dried, it’s time for the handlebar tape. Remove the paper backing to reveal the sticky side. Make one straight revolution around the cart’s bar, then pull the tape at a 30-degree angle to continue wrapping down the bar.


5. At the end, cut your handlebar tape at an angle then use washi tape to hide the end.


6. Loop your ribbon through the grommets and secure the sack to the cart.

7. Load up your gear and find a shady spot for your picnic, or head out to the farmer’s market.


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