sunny yellow fab finds are my fave

June 27, 2013

Maybe it’s because it’s summer or maybe it’s just the plain cheeriness of the color but I’ve been finding myself drawn to all things yellow lately. In fact, I would say it has now bumped green out of my #1 favorite color spot. So as I was browsing for some yellow chairs for our house the other day, I was delighted to find that you could search by color at one of my favorite curated online shops, Fab. In fact, I may have found a little more than chairs that I want to purchase in the happy summer shade.


sources: molded fiberglass chair in sunshineslice necklaceyellow trayshoes in goldenrodgeometric napkins, flavored marshmallowsball lampscitrus printmini cake stand

If you haven’t already, sign up for Fab to start shopping their colorful deals.



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