pickles & ice cream are my fave

July 18, 2013

pickles and ice cream favor
I’ve never actually met anyone who craved pickles and ice cream while pregnant but I do think it would make a good baby shower theme. So much so that I put together this simple to package combo that could serve as a favor or gift at a motherly celebration. You can get the full details right here on Julep.


  • On July 18, 2013 , Kelly said:

    simple, cute, perfect!

  • On July 18, 2013 , Lisette said:

    Clever idea!

  • On July 18, 2013 , mang h. said:

    I thought you were trying to tell us somwthing!

  • On July 19, 2013 , emily said:

    where did you get that label maker?!! we had one just like that growing up!

  • On July 19, 2013 , Lindsay said:

    This is brilliant.
    I am going to keep your idea in my back pocket if I ever have to host a baby shower.. or maybe as a cutesy gift?


  • On July 20, 2013 , Amelia said:

    I looooove this.

  • On July 22, 2013 , Leanna said:

    Random place for it – but I left this comment on the Alt Blog and would love to see follow-up posts from you. We’ve got the message on original content but need some very practical help getting there (there is probably a book deal there imo)!

    Comment from post:
    thanks for this! at this time what i’m interested in learning more about is how much time y’all actually spend crafting your original content (and some tips on doing so – photography, idea sourcing etc), and some tips and tricks to get that time down to a more manageable level.

    with most of us as indie businesses of one kind or another there really is only just so many hours int he day :)

  • On July 22, 2013 , meg said:

    Such a cute idea!
    I love both of these, just not together. :)


  • On July 24, 2013 , Lauren said:

    This is so clever!! I just wrote a blog post about learning to make pickles and have loved giving jars as gifts. People are very impressed, but they were so easy (and inexpensive)! Would love to make them again for a baby shower like this.


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