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July 29, 2013

To go along with last week’s typography party ideas, I asked Lyndsay Sung of Coco Cake Land to share a tutorial on writing on top of a cake. She came up with this buttercream wonder. 

I just love vintage-look cakes… and I love typography! Combine vintage cakes and type and you get this ruffly easy-to-execute buttercream cake with an embedded buttercream message. Who doesn’t love a buttercream message? No, not a massage. You’re reading that wrong.

 Get your message across nice and clear – with this cake! So many options for piping words once you get the hang of your “drop star” technique! Monogrammed wedding cake, silly words, hey, even classic Happy Birthday! Who woulda thunk.

You will need:

– A baked and cooled cake that’s all ready to be frosted. Round, square, doesn’t really matter! I made a 7 inch round two layer vanilla cake.
– Buttercream! I used around four cups for this 7 inch cake.
– Gel color food coloring to tint your buttercream – although I think an all white cake with a pink colored I LOVE YOU (or other message) would be pretty cute – then you’d only need 1 gel color instead of two. For this cake I used Royal Blue (just a touch) and Lemon Yellow (just a dab).
– An offset spatula or butter knife to frost your cake.
– Two piping bags fitted with an open star tip. For this cake, I used Wilton 22 size. Or, you can use one piping bag and wash it out between color changes!

 Make it!

 1. Start by crumb-coating your cake. That simply means you use your offset spatula or butter knife to cover your cake with a thin layer of buttercream to trap in those crazy old crumbs.

2. Now, place your cake in the fridge or freezer to let it set for 20 minutes. You will want a cold cake when it comes time to pipe your letters in case you mess up (like I did).

3. Fill your piping bags with two different colors – one with the lettering color, and one with the fill color. You will use less buttercream to pipe your letters then you will to fill the empty space. I used ¼ amount of my buttercream for the yellow lettering and the rest was covered in blue buttercream drop stars.

4. Practice piping the drop star on a piece of wax paper or on a spare plate if you want! Then move on over to your cold, fresh-out-of-the-fridge cake! Pipe lines of drop stars to form letters, spelling out your message. I chose “I LOVE YOU.” If you mess up, simply scoop off the letters with the offset spatula, being careful not to graze the crumb coated cake too much. Try piping again! No one will see your blunder once you fill the cake with the fill color. Trust!

4. Now, take the second fill color of buttercream fitted with the size 22 tip. Pipe all around the sides of the cake. I start at the bottom and pipe my way up. Then, move to the top of the cake and fill in the areas surrounding “I LOVE YOU.”

5. Top with a little craft paper heart taped to a wooden BBQ skewer if desired!

 6. Present this cake to whomever it is that you love… and hopefully they will cut you a big old piece to share with them!

Cake, photos and styling by Lyndsay Sung.



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