a grown-up pizza party is my fave

August 6, 2013

Sometimes I forget that a party doesn’t have to be a production and that casual get togethers can be more fun. I guess I’ve been blogging too long. A grown-up pizza party takes about 2 hours to put together (grocery shopping and all). I even invited guests only about 6 hours beforehand (look how spontaneous I am!).

grilled pizza

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– grilled pizzas (buy pre-made dough to save time) with your choice of toppings (this peach and prosciutto one sounds good, our go-to is feta, tomatoes and basil)
– mixed green salad with raspberries, apple, and candied almonds
– sliced watermelon
– Izzes
– homemade ice cream

Prepping the pizza toppings and grilling the dough before your guests arrive will make it easy to throw them back on the grill and serve them hot right away.

And to think, I didn’t even have to hang up decorations to have fun (not that I won’t do that plenty in the future).



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