a surprise baby shower is my fave

August 14, 2013

Lexy girl is expecting and soon! Today I’m participating in a virtual baby shower to celebrate mama-to-be and baby Ward too by sharing the anatomy of a (really great) baby shower gift.


The gift philosophy want, need, wear, read doesn’t just apply to Christmas time, it fits nicely when putting together a baby shower gift too. It’s impossible to resist cute little outfits (especially for baby girls) but I love to include a couple of my favorite items too, like a swaddle blanket and board book. And adding a treat (like a chocolate bar or gift certificate for a pedicure) specifically for the mom is always appreciated. Being pregnant is hard work!


You don’t want your gift to fall flat because the wrapping is ho-hum. I like to use colorful boxes (since I’m rubbish at wrapping the corners flat) and then add flair on top. Poms are a good alternative to bows and super quick to make. And Egg Press makes the best cards.

baby shower gift wrap


Congrats Lexy! Sorry you already know what your gift is.

I’m not the only one celebrating today, take a look at  all the awesome these ladies created:
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