a doggie themed first birthday is my fave

September 3, 2013

We celebrated my little guy Teddy’s 1st birthday party with a who let the dogs out themed bash because he is obsessed with (you guessed it) dogs! I didn’t want to go too insaneo with an all-dogs-all-the-time vibe so I kept the dog part simple. I based the colour scheme on Teddy’s stuffed dog Andy, a real cute grey pup stuffie who wears a red and white striped shirt and has blue paws.

I made some super cute dog faced cake toppers for Teddy’s cupcakes and Melanie invited me to share a tutorial for them here! So here ya go – dog faced cake toppers!

You will need:

– Craft paper in cute colors to match your party theme. I used grey, blue, green and yellow, and black paper for the ears.
– Two circle craft punches in a large and small size (I used a three inch round and a one inch round). Or you can cut your dog faces out with scissors.
– A fine tip black pen or fine tip Sharpie for drawing doggy faces
– Wooden BBQ skewers
– Gluestick
– Tape
– Scissors

Here we go!

1. Punch out a large circle and a small circle in different colours. Using scissors, cut out two “dog ear” shaped oblong ovals and a small oval for the mouth.

2. Using a gluestick, adhere circle for eye patch and oval for mouth! Glue on the ears, too.

3. Using your fine tip marker, draw on eyes, a little nose, mouth and those freckly whisker things on the dog’s cheeks! Using scotch tape or washi tape, adhere the dog face to a wooden skewer.

4. Keep on working on dog faces and soon you will have a family of adorable woofers ready to jazz up your party!

Here’s the stuffed dog I based the party on. My mom gave it to Teddy the day he was born so it has sweet significance, too!

The birthday boy with Andy the pup! I am obviously holding something on top of my head for him to look at me so he doesn’t crawl away while I snap the photo. Party decor – I punched out a bunch of colourful craft paper using circle and square craft punches and had a seamstress friend help me run it through the sewing machine.

And the dog cake toppers in action! I made a dog faced cake, too, with the same eye patch and smile. I also made some ruffly fringed garlands following Oh Happy Day’s tutorial. And yes, we served hot dogs! It was tons of fun!

Cakes, tutorial and photos by Lyndsay Sung of Coco Cake Land



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