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September 5, 2013

Today’s post is from Sharon, the party genius behind Cupcakes and Cutlery.

diy plastic garland

Greetings! Today I have a super simple reusable garland idea for you.
Once you create the initial garland, you just use a dry erase marker to change the sayings. Boom. Easy.

diy plastic garland

If you are thinking you want to make this, you should buy your plastic sheets online right away. If you have a larger art supply store in your area, you may be able to find them there. I am not sure if your local craft stores carry this so you might need to do a little checking.

You will need Plastic Craft Sheets (mine were 6″ x 9″ but any size will do as you cut them down anyway), a paper cutter, paints and paint brushes, string, a hole punch and a dry erase marker.

The plastic sheets come with an easy to remove coating on each side to keep them from getting scraped up. Leave the coating on (that is what is making them look blue in the pictures, the plastic sheets really are clear). Using a paper cutter, cut the sheets in to whatever size you want. Because my sheets were 6″ x 9″, I first cut them in half at the 3″ mark and then made cuts on each of those at the 4.5″ mark. One sheet gave me 4 rectangle pieces.

diy plastic garland

Remove the protective backing from one side only. Choose what color paint you want to use for your banner and paint each rectangle as you see fit. I went with some fairly girly colors. I have two little boys and sometimes I need to infuse my life with pastels.

I was not careful or thorough with how I painted them. I like that some areas were a bit more transparent than others. Also because you left on the protective cover on the other side, you don’t have to be so concerned about how neatly you are painting them. Yeah!

diy plastic garland

Paint all of your rectangles and let them dry.

Peel off the protective layering from the other side.

Use a hole puncher and punch a hole in the two top corners.

String the plastic rectangles on to whatever string you have chosen to display your garland on. Make sure that all of the shiny sides of the rectangles are facing the same direction.

diy plastic garland

Hang your garland so that the rough, painted side is laying against the wall. The shiny side should be facing out as that is the side you will write on with the dry erase marker.

You can use the dry erase marker to write anything you want. And then erase it and write something else.

diy plastic garland
Cool, right? And yes, my handwriting does look like that of an elementary school child.

diy plastic garland

Would be kind of awesome in a photo booth too.

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