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September 25, 2013

Today’s post is from sweet Joy, the sweet gal behind Frock Files.


Airmail envelopes have always held a special place in my heart, not just because getting mail from a foreign country is always exciting, but also because their red and white edging makes for great design. Earlier this year, I learned about Tyvek and how it’s essentially indestructible and I had an epiphany: Tyvek tablet cases! With a bit of foam and felt for padding, your laptop or tablet will be safe and sound.


– 9”x 12” Tyvek envelope
– 2 pieces 9”x12” felt
– 2 pieces 9”x12” crafting foam with self-adhering backing
– 2 buttons
– Baker’s twine or other string
– Needle
– Thread
– Crafting glue


1. With a ruler, mark the middle of the envelope’s flap with a pen. Measure 3” down and make another mark. Sew one button over each mark.

2. Tie the baker’s twine around the top button. Secure with a knot.



3. Cut each piece of felt and crafting foam to 8.5”x11.5”. Glue the felt over the foam. Place a heavy book on top of the foam and felt for at least an hour.


4. Peel the backing off of one of the pieces of foam and carefully slide it into the envelope until the bottom is aligned with the end of the envelope. Repeat with the second piece of foam. Press out any air bubbles by rubbing the Tyvek from the middle outward.

5. Nestle your tablet into its new home!


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