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October 10, 2013


Over a year ago I declared on Twitter that I had lost my blogging sparkle (an embarrassing choice of words, I admit). At the time I thought I was just adjusting to motherhood. But as time went on and even as I had established a schedule for myself, I couldn’t shake the feeling of missing something.

I listened to all the voices telling me that all I needed to do was, “HUSTLE!” So I kept at it, working harder and putting in more hours. But the feeling lingered and maybe got worse. I sought advice (and pep talks), attempted some formulaic ideas and methods, and kept going. The blogging stress and pressure seemed to be a daily experience.

Eventually I had to realize that the hustle and formulaic approaches were causing my work to suffer. And not just my work, but I was neglecting the more important parts of my life too. I think I realized this months ago and it has taken me some time to come to my conclusion of change. Today I’ve decided to follow Erin and join what she termed the slow blogging movement. I’m slowing things down a bit around here. Less content. More thought. I like what my friend Danyelle says, “your blog can be whatever you want it to be.” Right now I want it to be a place I enjoy again because that’s just silly if it isn’t.

PS I’ve been thinking about deleting this post all morning but have decided maybe one of you will benefit from hearing the words slow down instead of hustle.

quote source: Anamu

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