ten minute costumes are my fave

October 22, 2013

I don’t think I knew that store bought Halloween costumes existed as a child. My mom would somehow find a way to whip up seven costume requests, often tirelessly the night before. While I didn’t inherit her sewing skills, I did inherit her diy attitude. Here are three costumes that can be pulled together in 10 minutes or less with items you probably already own.

The Marathon Runner:
marathon runner halloween costume

– white tee
– shorts
– tennis shoes
– paper
– markers
– white cloth headband

marathon runner halloween costume

The Original Mouseketeer (this will score you big points with the 60+ crowd):
mouseketeer halloween costume

– white tee
– black marker
– mouse ears

mouseketeer halloween costume

The Cute Clown:
easy clown halloween costume

– patterned pants and tee
– bow tie
– party hat (I covered mine with fabric)
– yarn (for a pom flower)

easy clown halloween costume

For more easy diy costume ideas, my friend Kelly has an awesome series that’s definitely worth a look.

PS The only way I could get Beck to sit still and not pull the hats off was to turn on a Taylor Swift music video. That’s why he has the same glossy eyed expression in every photo.



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