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November 21, 2013

Today’s creative advent is from Ally, the cool cat behind Now That’s Pretty.

cardboard reindeer advent calendar | you are my fave

We’ve just moved into a new house with big empty walls so making it Christmassy seemed quite daunting when it didn’t even seem that homey yet. Our solution? A giant reindeer advent calender of course. Once December first rocks round we’re going to take it in turns to fill the little bags with vouchers, sweets and lame jokes but for now he’s just sitting there all majestic. We’ve been trying to think of a name for him for a while but we’re kind of stumped; if anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them.

To make your own, you will need:
– A cardboard reindeer pattern to adapt. I used this one by Mike Pinder.
– Lots of cardboard
– White and red paint
– A glue gun
– 25 Gift bags
– Scissors/ xacto knife
– A Pen

1) Print off and cut out your template.
2) Draw around your template onto cardboard and cut out using scissors or an xacto knife. This is the longest part of the project.
3) You will need to alter the antlers of your reindeer to have 12 little knobbles on one antler and 13 on the other.
4) As your antlers will have things hanging off them you may need to reinforce them. Draw around your antlers onto some more cardboard and then cut out just the central beam.
5) Using a glue gun attach this to the back of your antlers.
6) Paint your pattern pieces on both sides and allow to dry.

cardboard reindeer advent calendar | you are my fave

7) Assemble your reindeer!
8) To make your mount cut out two pieces of card board of the desired shape and add slots for your reindeer to fit into on one of the pieces.
9) To make your mount 3D add a stripe of cardboard around the edges of the piece without slots.

cardboard reindeer advent calendar | you are my fave

10) Using a glue gun, glue the slotted piece on top.
11) Paint your mount red and allow to dry.
12) Now simply slot your reindeer in and you’re read to hang treats!

To attach our reindeer to the wall we simply made two holes in the back of the mount and then used picture hooks to attach him. Voila!

cardboard reindeer advent calendar | you are my fave

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