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November 27, 2013

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Speaking of advents (will I ever stop?) this one might be the best yet. Announcing 24 Merry Days: 24 days, 24 bloggers, 24 giveaways.

Let me explain to get your a little more pumped. Audrey of This Little Street rounded up 24 bloggers (one of which is me) to host a giveaway every day leading up to Christmas. And the prizes are good folks. Like double digit gift cards to Anthropologie and Mud Australia good. Like fine leather goods good. Like a C1 bike from Public Bikes good. I hope I’m eligible.

Starting December 1st, you can follow along with the giveaways on 24 Merry Days and I’ll be sure to link to them daily. So make your wish lists this weekend, because they might be coming true with a spot of good luck and 24 Merry Days.



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