new year’s eve in a box is my fave

December 20, 2013

I thought it was fitting to end this year of blogging with a celebratory box.
new years eve in a box
new years eve in a box
New Year’s Eve is often a dud of a holiday for me but if I received a box stuffed with all the goods needed for a party, I think my attitude would change. It would also make a great invitation or some very happy mail so you can celebrate with friends that don’t live near.
new years eve in a box
new years eve in a box
To make your very own, download the label and highlights and resolutions card right here. Then confetti fill to your heart’s content.

And with that, I say farewell until the new year. Have the happiest of holiday seasons and eat some cheese ball for me.

design: Kirsten Bingham
photography: Nicole Coleman
styling: Jenn Elliott Blake

a nye photo booth & the instax mini 8 are my fave (giveaway!)

December 19, 2013

Need to keep guests busy while you wait for the clock to strike midnight? I say photo booth it.
nye photo booth backdrop
To make your own scalloped backdrop: cut a variety of paper into individual scallop shapes, line up side by side and layer from bottom to top on a large piece of poster/art board, and adhere with double sided tape. Easy.
nye photo booth backdrop
If you want to make your own 2014 headband, follow my instructions right here.
nye photo booth backdrop
And now for the giveaway part, my favorite camera to use for a party photo booth is the Fuji INSTAX. It’s just so great to have instant photos to give to your guests that double as party favors and cute mementos. Just in time for your NYE, you can win your very own INSTAX Mini 8 today. Simply comment on this post by eod Sunday, December 22nd and this happy little camera could be yours. Yay!

Want an even better chance to win? Check out the INSTAX 12 Days Til Christmas Sweepstakes.

photography: Nicole Coleman

the ultimate doorbell ditch with 4moms is my fave

December 18, 2013

My dream is to have enough money where I can give presents to friends and family when it’s not even their birthday or Christmas. And to be able to give big presents every once and a while. Wouldn’t it be amazing to gift your best friend a fantastic trip? Or an fabulous pair of shoes they would never splurge on? Well, this season I teamed up with 4moms to get a glimpse of what giving big feels like and I got to drop off a breeze and a mamaRoo on my expectant friend’s doorstep.
4moms giveaway
You guys, it felt so good! I hid in my car to watch her reaction and she was shocked (and a bit confused). It made me want to gather up gifts and doorbell ditch the entire neighborhood.
4moms giveaway
Know a friend who deserves a little 4moms gear? Visit this 4moms Facebook page to nominate a friend who puts the happy in your holidays by eod Friday. It feels good to give.

a snowflake table runner is my fave

Today’s snowy post was created by Bar Rucci.

snowflake table runner

There are two things we are obsessed with making at our house: pom-poms and snowflakes. I love snowflake making!! It’s the best because you never know what you’re going to get, and everyone oohs and aahs when you open up your snowflake. It’s completely addicting!


I think there are probably as many ways to make snowflakes as there are to make pop-poms. But this is how we make ours:

Take an 8.5” x 11” piece of paper and fold it over into a triangle. Trim off the part that is leftover so now you have a perfect square. Fold that triangle in half again, then one more time. Cut off the bottom and the point, making some sort of pattern. Now cut the inside with little notches of whatever shape and size you want. Open it up, and voila! An amazing, symmetrical snowflake!

snowflake table runner

snowflake table runner

To make the runner, I arranged the snowflakes on the table and then used little pieces of scotch tape to tape the edges together. It’s such a festive, wintery and inviting table…you can use it for a party, Christmas morning, or any time during the winter months for a little cheer.

Happy snowflake making!

You can find more of Bar’s art projects at Art Bar Blog or shop her card shop (it’s not too late to send holiday greetings) at Late Night Cake.

packaged christmas treats are my fave

December 17, 2013

According to my Instagram feed, everybody is busy browning butter and rolling out dough. Since sugar cookies are a major time suck, the packaging should be quick. I love the options from Martha Stewart Crafts line because let’s face it, diy is sometimes not worth it (especially when you can buy something just as cute).

My favorites are the muslin bags, good for those little multiple treats like chocolate covered pretzels. I also like the idea of adding a lollipop stick to your fudge. Goodness knows I like ease of treat transport to my mouth.
christmas treat packaging

What treat must you have for it to really feel like Christmas?

This post is part of 12 Months of Martha, one project a month using products from the Martha Stewart Craft line. You can purchase this packaging at Michaels, JoAnns, or online right here.

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