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December 17, 2013

Styling is not my forte but Jenn is an expert so she’s sharing her tips for the perfect holiday mantle today.

how to style a holiday mantle

Five tips for styling a mantle:

1. Start with the mood you’d like to create. Are you wanting your mantle to be festive & fun or moody & romantic? Are you wanting it to accentuate your other holiday decor around the home or be the main focal point? When considering where to start, always consider what 2 or 3 words you hope for your styling to speak to. As long as all of your elements fall in line with those mood words you’re on the right track.

2. A lot of people tend to only think in terms of color palette, but don’t forget about texture and pattern. Mantle styling can immediately be elevated by incorporating a variety of textures & patterns. It’s okay to mix and match as long as everything stays within the same color palette with varying tones. If you have some heavy brass or metal elements on the mantle, be sure to add in some softer touches like wood, ceramic or fabric.

how to style a holiday mantle

3. Dimension is really important when styling a mantle. Although you don’t have a lot of room to work with, it’s important to create depth on your mantle by moving things to either the foreground or background. Layer the items on your mantle so they are either peeking out from behind or in front of other elements. It is okay to also have negative space and things standing alone, but make sure at least a few items are providing some degree of depth.

4. Don’t be afraid to incorporate items from around the house that aren’t necessarily “holiday” focused. A pretty brass alarm clock or some vintage books can still evoke a festive feel but don’t read only holiday decor.

5. Living elements are always a fun way to brighten and add texture to your mantle. Pine cones, fresh greens by the way of wreaths or garlands etc. are easy and can be a fun way to get the kids involved too!

how to style a holiday mantle

photography: Nicole Coleman
styling: Jenn Elliott Blake



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