the ultimate doorbell ditch with 4moms is my fave

December 18, 2013

My dream is to have enough money where I can give presents to friends and family when it’s not even their birthday or Christmas. And to be able to give big presents every once and a while. Wouldn’t it be amazing to gift your best friend a fantastic trip? Or an fabulous pair of shoes they would never splurge on? Well, this season I teamed up with 4moms to get a glimpse of what giving big feels like and I got to drop off a breeze and a mamaRoo on my expectant friend’s doorstep.
4moms giveaway
You guys, it felt so good! I hid in my car to watch her reaction and she was shocked (and a bit confused). It made me want to gather up gifts and doorbell ditch the entire neighborhood.
4moms giveaway
Know a friend who deserves a little 4moms gear? Visit this 4moms Facebook page to nominate a friend who puts the happy in your holidays by eod Friday. It feels good to give.



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