the ultimate doorbell ditch with 4moms is my fave

December 18, 2013

My dream is to have enough money where I can give presents to friends and family when it’s not even their birthday or Christmas. And to be able to give big presents every once and a while. Wouldn’t it be amazing to gift your best friend a fantastic trip? Or an fabulous pair of shoes they would never splurge on? Well, this season I teamed up with 4moms to get a glimpse of what giving big feels like and I got to drop off a breeze and a mamaRoo on my expectant friend’s doorstep.
4moms giveaway
You guys, it felt so good! I hid in my car to watch her reaction and she was shocked (and a bit confused). It made me want to gather up gifts and doorbell ditch the entire neighborhood.
4moms giveaway
Know a friend who deserves a little 4moms gear? Visit this 4moms Facebook page to nominate a friend who puts the happy in your holidays by eod Friday. It feels good to give.


  • On December 18, 2013 , Lindy said:

    That’s my dream too! Seriously! To be able to do random acts of kindness on a big scale without having to worry about cost! That would be wicked awesome! Great surprise!

  • On December 20, 2013 , Ada said:

    What a beautiful gesture! Reminds me of the commercial where the kids + mom baked cookies then deliver them to neighbors not finding anyone home, but when they get home they realized that they were gifted treats as well (and that is why no one was home). So cute. I share your dream, such a heartwarming surprise. So cute that you hid in the car. I can see myself hiding in a bush trying to tape a photo when the person opens the door to capture the beautiful moment. Thanks for sharing the website.

  • On December 23, 2013 , Kelly said:

    I love this. It made me tear up. You are such a good friend. You spoil me year round.

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