pop-up box valentines are my fave

February 5, 2014

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day on yamf without some cheesy puns. Here are some of the pop-up variety.
pop up valentines

pop up valentines

pop up valentines

To make your own you’ll need:
Pop-up box download
– small jewelry box (about 4″ square)
– patterned paper (I used sheets from this Martha Stewarts Crafts pad)
– scissors
– hot glue

Step one: trim your patterned paper to fit the inside back of the box. Place in box, glue if necessary.

Step two: print download, cut out message and shape (animal or boat).

Step three: Make the shape pop-up and adhere it by taking a scrap piece of paper, trimming it down to a rectangle and accordion folding it. Then hot glue the top to the back of the cut-out shape (animal or boat) and glue the bottom of the accordion fold to the back of the box (see the below image). Adhere the flag by folding down the edge of paper and hot gluing to the side of the box.

homemade valentines

Fair warning, with the lid on, your valentine may think you’re giving them something a little more blingy than paper. Hopefully one of these won’t cause disappointment.

homemade valentines

Design: Kirsten Bingham

This project is part of 12 Months of Martha, one craft a month using products from the Martha Stewart Craft line.



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