a wall of four leaf clovers is my fave

March 5, 2014

Today’s post is from my most Irish friend, Kelly of Cloudy Day Gray. It would be fun to surprise your family with a similar wall on St Patrick’s Day.

clover wallpaper

You should know by now that Melanie is a fan of wallpaper. So it makes sense that a little over four years ago, she sent me a picture of a European home decked out in clover wallpaper with the caption, “Kelly, you have to have this.” I quickly promised her I would, as soon as we bought our first home. But as life goes, we are still renting and my hope of an amazing clover-covered wall was still so far away.

That is until I got the Cricut Explore, which inspired me to create my own easy to remove wallpaper. Here is how you can make your own.

clover wallpaper

Materials: Cricut Explore, re-positionable vinyl, painter’s tape.

Project: After uploading a clover design into the Cricut Design Space, I placed the vinyl onto the cutting mat, and pressed Go. I found the center of my wall, and marked it with tape, working from the center into each section using a smaller piece of painter’s tape as my guide.

Time: Cutting took a total of 30 minutes, which made 400 clovers from 15 feet of vinyl. Putting the clovers on the wall took three hours.

clover wallpaper

clover wallpaper

clover wallpaper

Make your house a home and surround yourself with things that make you smile. I am never taking this down. Well, not until we move anyway.

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