easter egg hunt invitations are my fave

March 25, 2014

printable easter egg hunt invitations

I’ve seen enough odes to Mini Eggs hat I think most people are in agreement that Easter produces the best candy. If you’re planning to make your kids/friends/pets forage for those delightful morsels (so you can confiscate them later), here are some printable invitations to make the occasion even sweeter.

printable easter egg hunt invitations

I loved this just for fun invitation designed by Christine of Darling Studio so much, I thought the concept would work great for an Easter egg hunt invitation as well. Simply print, fill-in the details, then use a razor blade to cut out the letters (or leave the design as is). For those who like to go the extra mile of being awesome, fill a box with candy eggs and place the invitation inside for a top notch presentation. It will convince invitees that you’re cooler than you really are.


Easter egg hunt invitation download

design: Kirsten Bingham



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