printable mother’s day cards are my fave

April 30, 2014

Let’s make a pact to be on top of Mother’s Day this year, mmmkay? Or force our husbands/dads/children to make the pact.

free mother's day card
free mother's day card

Here’s how I’m helping, I’m offering an even easier version of the photo booth strip Mother’s Day card I made last year. Top a box of good quality chocolates with it and you’ll have a happy madre.

Get the download (designed by Kirsten Bingham) right here on Julep.

PS That strip is the result of Beck’s first solo try at the photo booth. He wasn’t a fan of the flash. Ha!

the color condition is my fave

April 29, 2014

Tuesday’s happy inducing find: hued streamers created by the two ladies behind The Color Condition.

the color condition
the color condition
the color condition the color condition
the color condition

The streams are made from a mixture of table cloths, shower curtains, and painters drop cloths. Pretty amazing, right? I’d love to see an installation in person and dance through them as if I were Maria on top of the mountain in Sound of Music.

See more on The Color Condition and Patina.

a happy two-year-old is my fave

April 24, 2014

kid birthday party ideas

If you learn one lesson from Leslie Knope, let it be this: you coordinate birthday celebrations to fit the honoree. While Beck would have probably been amused by an elaborate party, he was just as happy with a bunch of balloons and eating cake with his best buddy. Also known as, I took the easy way out.

Last year we adopted Meta’s family tradition of the birthday table. When Beck arose in the morning he was greeted with a balloon wall (which he ran to right away and pulled off every balloon he could reach) and his presents and cake. The smile didn’t leave his face for the rest of the day which was spent doing a few of his favorite activities.

birthday party decorations
birthday party ideas
toddler birthday party ideas

Later on we had a couple friends over for dinner and cake (I made this recipe for the first time and it was a winner) and Beck was beaming as he was sung to. He even knew to blow out the candles and cheered for himself plenty. Simple celebrations for the win.

birthday party decorations

Beck is my sunny boy. I’m so blessed to be his mom.

fridays are my fave

April 18, 2014


1. What a rain of 8 million flower petals looks like
2. I’m floored by the possibilities of removable wallpaper (patterns used to be so limited)
3. Happy wrapping that reminds me of watermelon
4. Please note, this necklace has officially made the birthday wish list
5. Time to throw a party just to use this color palette

Fave gram
Fave pin
Best of the week!
Easter printables (to distract the kids from the candy this weekend)
These craft packs are a trifecta of thoughtful, clever, and cute

a grassy easter backdrop is my fave

April 17, 2014

easy easter decorating

If you’re looking for an easy way to decorate for this weekend’s festivities, look no further than a turf rug. Sure when used for it’s original purpose it looks like a bad mini golf course but hang it up on the wall and add some paper flowers and you’ve got yourself a springy backdrop worthy of your brunch spread. See the full tutorial right here on Julep.

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