fourth of july paper bags are my fave

June 30, 2014

4th of July printables

If that American flag jumpsuit just isn’t festive enough for you this weekend, how about printing some American pride onto paper bags? They’re perfect for storing loot from the parade, picnic lunches, or goody/distraction bags for the kids. You could even print the designs on removable tattoo paper.

Get the free printable right here on Julep.

Design: Kirsten Bingham

seven layer bar ice cream is my fave

June 26, 2014

homemade coconut ice cream

seven layer bar ice cream

Seven Layer Bar Ice Cream

Start with:
coconut milk ice cream

Mix in:
graham cracker chunks
caramel sauce
toasted coconut
mini chocolate chips

One time Ben and Jerry’s ran this contest to come up with a new flavor and I submitted this idea. I wasn’t ever contacted but then a little while later I walked into a scoop shop and saw that the latest addition to the freezer was seven layer bar. Royalty check please.

PS I can’t for the life of me think of what the seventh layer would be. I left out nuts but what else would you put in these?

a colorful, no-sew garland is my fave

June 25, 2014

easy fabric garland
party garland diy
Alison is currently on a Search for Your Awesome party tour and last weekend she made a stop in Denver. I was in charge of the decorations and on the morning of the party I decided the lack of garlands was alarming so I whipped together this colorful little ditty. It’s no sew, made from a few supplies, and requires little skill. Click through to get the two step tutorial.

banana split ice cream is my fave

June 19, 2014

banana split ice cream
banana split ice cream

Banana Split Ice Cream

Start with:
vanilla bean ice cream

Mix in:
chocolate covered banana bits
hot fudge
crushed waffle cones

Does anyone ever really eat banana splits? This variation would be easier to eat.

ice cream tees are my fave

June 17, 2014

kid's ice cream tee

You know how parents tend to force their interests on their kids? I force my love of ice cream onto Beck. Last summer he wasn’t much of a fan but we’ve been working on it and yesterday he asked for a cone at 10 AM. Now I feel like he can wear this ice cream cone tee I made for him honorably.

Get the download and instructions right here on Julep.

Design: Kirsten Bingham

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