toasted coconut mango ice cream is my fave

June 10, 2014

coconut mango ice cream

coconut mango ice cream

Toasted Coconut Mango Ice Cream

Start with:
coconut milk ice cream

Mix in:
sticky rice
fresh mango
toasted coconut

I know it sounds strange to put rice in ice cream but the added texture is unexpected and quite enjoyable. Trust me, I wouldn’t lead you astray when it comes to dessert.


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  • On June 10, 2014 , Kelly Smith said:

    This sounds crazy, but I trust you!

  • On June 11, 2014 , Kati said:

    I love coconut sorbet and I love thai sticky rice and mango. Having both combined as an icecream flavor is a dream come true.

  • On June 13, 2014 , Fresh // Found | The Proper Pinwheel said:

    […] Toasted Coconut Mango ice cream. Yes. […]

  • On June 16, 2014 , Mango said:

    Anyone who loves icecream can be trusted…especially when they recommend these ingredients 🙂

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  • On May 5, 2015 , Anto Marton said:

    Wow, just looking at that picture alone is already making my mouth drool. I love the way you display the ingredients on a marble top. It’s so different than other recipe sites I’ve visited.

    I like sticky rice. It reminds me of my childhood growing up in a traditional Asian family. I never though about adding sticky rice to ice cream. I’m gonna definitely try this out!

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